Our services

We make more than just websites. We make tools and offer services, such as digital marketing and support, designed to ensure your business thrives in the digital age.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays the world happens online; getting your business noticed in the digital era is no small feat. This is where we can make the difference for you. We can be the bridge that connects your business with the people that would enjoy them, turning online interactions into real-world customers. With most of your potential guests turning to the internet to find the solutions they need, a well-defined digital marketing strategy ensures your website is the next spot all the people will like, share, tweet, and post about.

  • Get your business discovered

    Search Engine Optimization
    • Get your website ranked on Google (and other search engines)
    • We (help you) write the copy that gets your site ranked
    • Our advanced analytics help to spot the details that make the difference
    • Linkbuilding - get the links you need and want, on the right sites at the right time
  • Promote your restaurant

    • PPC advertising on Google and Bing to reach your preferred customer
    • Social media management, what to post, when to post it
    • Social media advertising, get your undiscovered guests interested in your business
    • Get your industry's community engaged to help you spread the word about all the wonderful things you're planning

Monthly Digital Marketing packages

Billed yearly You save €1836.00 per year

SEO Essentials package

Search Engine Optimization (min. 6 hours)

747.00 /mo 900 17% off

  • Content writing
  • Content optimization
  • Technical optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Monthly reporting
Billed yearly You save €3060.00 per year

Conversion Mastery package

SEO + Conversion rate optimization

1245.00 /mo 1500 17% off

  • SEO Essentials package
  • Monthly reporting
  • PPC and social ads to support your growth strategy
Billed hourly


Interested in other services such as photography? Let us know!

150 /mo

  • Photography
  • Other marketing strategies
  • Community engagement

Extra support

As technology becomes increasingly integral to business operations and personal life, extended support packages guarantee that products remain up-to-date, secure, and fully operational, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. In a world where reliance on technology is ever-growing, these support services help users navigate the complexities of digital solutions, offering peace of mind and continuous improvement in a fast-evolving digital environment.

  • Basic support

    • Always included with every website
    • 2 standard tickets per month
    • <72h response time
  • Extra support packages

    • Inquiries answered within 24h
    • Uptime guarantees
    • Account manager

Extra support packages

Included in base price You save €0.00 per year

Standard package

For everyone - always included when you buy a website

0.00 /mo 0 0% off

  • Always included
  • <72h response time
  • Email ticketing queue
  • Standard support queue
  • 2 standard support tickets per month
Billed yearly You save €306.00 per year

Premium package

For those who want something more than standard support

124.50 /mo 150 17% off

  • Standard package
  • <48h response times
  • Email & WhatsApp ticketing queues
  • 2 standard support tickets per month
  • 1 priority support ticket per month
Billed yearly You save €1020.00 per year

Ultimate package

For large businesses who need a significant amount of support

415.00 /mo 500 17% off

  • Standard package
  • Premium package
  • Email, WhatsApp, phone ticketing queues
  • 5 priority support tickets per month
  • Uptime and service guarantees